Sibonile Ngubane (born on the 20th of March 1972) is a South African actor famous for his role Kathaza on Uzalo.

When his patience pays off, he uses the opportunity he gets to wow Tv soapie lovers.

After 26 years as a stage actor, Ngubane finally scores a role on the small screen. From Isibaya to Uzalo and then back to Isibaya, the actor’s career journey is quite interesting.


The actor has been enjoying the limelight since 1993, when he starts acting and performing. Most of his acting gigs are for stage productions, and his TV debut only comes 26 years later.

In 2017, Sibonile landed his first role on the small screen on Mzansi Magic’s “Isibaya”. This sees him scoring another gig on “Uzalo”, and viewers fall in love with both his characters.

The veteran actor has worked with Mbongeni Ngema on Sarafina, Lion of the East and Bambatha 1906. Ringo Madlingozi also trains Sibonile as a backing vocalist and percussionist, and his craze for music rages ever since.

Sibonile Ngubane’s role on Uzalo?

Most know him to be Mbovu, the acting chief of eMabovini on Isibaya. Some know him as Khathazamanyamadoda Khanyile, a bitter business tycoon fond of settling of scores. His character causes problems for Nkunzebovu Mhlongo, the puffed-up yob of KwaMashu.

“Kathaza is introduced together with his sister. He is a businessman who manufactures and sells coffins. He has a history with Nkunzi, and now he’s back for revenge for what he did to his family,” Sibonile comments on his role.

Why did Sibonile Ngubane leave Uzalo?

Khathaza’s role intrigues fans, and just as viewers fall in love with him, he egresses the show. His departure is the result of MaNgcobo killing him, and social media turns into a war zone.

Masses were not prepared to let this one go. But those are the rules of soapville; characters come and go.

Regarding his exit, Ngubane has this to comment, “It is illegal for me to discuss the dealings of Uzalo.

People should watch the show, and they will see what is going to unfold; I do not have any knowledge of what you are asking me.”

Does Sibonile Ngubane have a wife?

Most of his fans wonder if the actor possesses the same character he plays on Uzalo. If he does, then his wife must be in trouble. Fortunately, he is just a good actor.

Sibonile is a Christian and is like chalk and cheese with his on-screen character. “Even though I’m a Christian, I have to do my best with my storyline to appear dangerous.

“I don’t hold grudges and don’t cheat on women. I have a wife and four children,” Ngubane says.

Sibonile Ngubane Selfie Scandal

It seems fans are hell-bent on pulling stunts on celebrities. According to the grapevine, the actor gives up on taking selfies with fans.

This comes after a star-struck lover at the mall asks for a picture with him and her kids, and she goes too far and shares it on social media captioned ‘Family ‘.

The caption set Sibonile off, and he went on a social media rant. “You see? You guys ask us to take pictures with you and your kids when you see us in the malls.

“When you later post the photos, you claim we’re fathers to your kids. You guys are irritating. I’m not doing selfies anymore.”

What cars does Sibonile Ngubane drive?

The actor owns a sizzling red Nissan Micra and a gorgeous blue Isuzu KB 300, which costs approximately R250 000.

How much is the actor worth?

He has been in the entertainment industry for a long, but the actor is all hush-hush when it comes to his bank balance.

Sibonile seems to be living his life, however, as his music and acting careers keep soaring and his net worth is estimated to be around R3 Million.

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