Details of Samir Nurkovic’s acrimonious Royal AM exit have since emerged, with indications that the Serbian forward was unpaid for two months as he battled injury.

Nurkovic is now a free agent after being shown the exit door in a nasty manner just two months after joining the club following his exit from Kaizer Chiefs.

The 30-year-old striker penned a two-year deal with Thwihli Thwahla, which included an option for a further year.

An insider close to the situation confirmed that Royal AM had since cut their losses with Nurkovic as they felt he was injury prone.

“Royal AM didn’t pay anything, accommodation, no salary, nothing for over two months,” the insider told FARPost.

“Nurkovic’s representative, Dajan Simac, had a chat with their lawyers, who sent Royal AM a letter to pay the player.

“However, MaMkhize involved her lawyers as well, and they sent a letter back. They wanted to terminate the contract of Nurkovic because he was injured.

“Nurkovic started the pre-season with the club, and after one week at training, he got injured.

“So MaMkhize [Shauwn Mkhize, Royal AM president], was advised to terminate the striker’s contract, and the Nurkovic camp was taken aback by the club’s decision.”

The Serbian hitman’s representatives have since taken the matter to FIFA to find a resolution.

According to reports, Royal AM boss Shauwn Mkhize gave Nurkovic 30 days to leave the club after being on “sick leave” for a lengthy period.

The Tutin-born forward had not featured in any official game for Royal AM. He only played in the Macufe Cup against Kaizer Chiefs in September.

“Generally, South African labour law allow the employer to terminate employment when someone is over one month sick or injured.

“However, that doesn’t apply in football because of the nature of the job,” added the informant.

“Football is a physical sport and injuries are bound to happen. So, the club’s decision surprised the Nurkovic camp.

“It appears Royal AM’s lawyers don’t know much about sports law and contracts. Nurkovic’s lawyers have taken the matter to FIFA court after attempting to reach an agreement with Royal AM.”

The Nurkovic camp is confident they will win the case, and Royal AM will be forced to pay out the contract.

“But the procedure might take longer, a maximum of two years, but Nurkovic is comfortable with that.”

When contacted for comment, Royal AM general manager Richard Makhoba said they were not interested in commenting on the matter.

“I elect not to comment on. You guys [the media] wrote back and forth about things that are not there. The club cannot comment,” Makhoba told FARPost.

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