The latest news that have reached the media are that Jomo Cosmos could still play in the National First Division next season.

According to Times Live, there are some football clubs in the Glad Africa Championship that might have broke the rules somehow.

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That could land those clubs in trouble and also points might be deducted.

The names of the clubs in the second division that might be called in the Premier Soccer League Disciplinary Committee have not been revealed, however, there could be some twist, which could work in favour of Jomo Sono and his side.

Zola Majavu, who is the prosecutor of the Premier Soccer League stated that at the moment there has been no case that has been brought forward, however, it is still the early days and anything could happen.

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If one could recall, in 2021, Mbombela united were deducted a total of 23 points by the Premier Soccer League Disciplinary Committee after fielding Sabelo Ndzinisa. Apparently, the player was ineligible to play in the club.

It was discovered that the player signed a contract with TS Sporting before joining Mbombela united.

After 23 points were deducted, Mbombela united were relegated to the ABC Motsepe League.

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