Mamelodi Sundowns co-coach Rulani Mokwena has painted a picture on the reasons why they have had to part ways with some of their players.

Sundowns have parted ways with quality players this season such as Pavol Safranko, who had his contract mutually terminated after the signings of Marcelo Allende and Abubaker Nasir.

The Brazilians also recently sent Lyle Lakay out on loan to Cape Town City after the signing of Terrence Mashego from the same club.

Kermit Erasmus was the latest casualty of the changes at Sundowns, as he also had his contract terminated, which allowed him to sign for his former club Orlando Pirates.

Mokwena says they need to limit the level of complacency by effecting discomfort in the squad.

“You could easily transfer this to life, of course football gives you microscopic reflections of how life is,” Mokwena told journalists in a press conference.

“Where in a certain moment in your house when you have this beautiful couch that you bought and it was very expensive at the time you wanted it.

“By the time you use it and over use it, there is this certain level of complacency that can creep in and when complacency creeps in there is generally a level of comfort.

“When when you’re comfortable or too comfortable in fact, if you do not generate some form of discomfort by maybe moving the couch into a different corner and maybe buying a different lampstand next to the couch,” he explained.

“So that it generates its colour again, then maybe it’s a bit appealing to the eye because maybe what it needed was a different light to be next to it.

“Not that the value of the couch has decreased but maybe you needed to change the surroundings, you needed to change where it was put or what it was put next to.

“And that’s life because if you get to that level of comfort there is very easy levels of complacency that creeps in and for teams that are big teams you’re not allowed to get into that space because,” he went on.

“The more complacent you are, as I said before, we want things to be difficult for us because we want to be in a space where we are sharpened by the opposition. Part of our work is stimulate our players not to get into levels of comfort.”

Mokwena added that what makes them change players sometimes it’s because of a change in system, that would require different type of players.

“The games are very chaotic in South Africa but the reality is if you continue with what the players know it’s very easy to generate some form of comfort,” he continued.

“So you try to strike some discomfort and sometimes that discomfort comes in changing players, which I don’t think we’ve done that quite a lot since we’ve been here.

“If you were to check some of the players who have been allowed to go, the reasons are multiple, some of them want more game time and that’s normal,” he added.


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