Former Kaizer Chiefs and Maritzburg United coach Ernst Middendorp has revealed what he told Manchester United boss Erik Ten Hag over the bombshell interview by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Earlier in the week, Piers Morgan released pieces of an explosive interview with the United superstar, during which the 37-year-old said he “feels betrayed” by the club and “doesn’t respect” the United coach.

The Premier League side then released a statement, saying they “will consider its response after the full facts have been established” and are yet to further comment.

Meanwhile, various reports have stated that Ten Hag himself is furious with Ronaldo’s interview and statement, a sentiment shared by Middendorp.

“It was spontaneous, yesterday evening when I saw this interview or heard this interview from the big guy on Portugal’s side [Ronaldo], I was shocked, I was shocked,” the German tactician told Robert Marawa on Marawa Sports Worldwide, while also talking about his new biography “Resilience”.

“I just wanted to express my disappointment, he didn’t pick, we had a whatsapp call. He tried to call me today at 13:12 but I was busy.

“We had a chat about it, I just said ‘don’t take it personal, just move on!’ That’s what we have to do, it’s part of my story too – resilience, you have to be powerful with your own doing, with your own action.”

Middendorp insisted he sees no way back for Ronaldo at United after he embarrassed the club, his teammates and coach too much.

“There is only one way, only way,” he added.

“For me it is very clear, forget about the huge… I’m a huge fan of Ronaldo on his playing style, on his way what he has achieved, even now he is 37.

“But if you open your mouth like this, insult each and everybody, your teammates, you insult the entire Manchester Uniter family in a way from a chef to gym to technic, including the head coach, in a way it’s embarrassing, it’s absolutely irritating and in my opinion they [must] not let him come back to Manchester United environment again.”


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