Patricia Motsoeneng, popularly known as Gogo Skhotheni, has dished all the deets on what goes down on the dark side. 

Difference between Tokoloshe & Thebula

“When someone dies in your family you’re supposed to check them. Check their tongue first to see if it’s still there and not cut. A lot of sangoma’s are working with people at the mortuary. When you call a sangoma to work on a corpse you have to be there, because we’re going to ask you to bring the tongue to us .

“You go to someone’s grave, umthebule umvuse … you go wake the person up to work for you. Tokoloshe comes from us killing you first. This one, you’ve died all by yourself first, but I wake you up.”

Wondering spirits

“When we say to you go fetch your people’s spirits on the road [after they have died] do so, because we go on the road and fetch people’s spirits. uMuntu ualandwa lapha shone khona.”

Mental health

“The way our generation is so depressed … when you’re depressed anything can happen.

“As a person you need to take care of yourself mentally and, more importantly, spiritually, because your spirituality goes hand-in-hand with your mental state.

“When you are connected to your ancestors, mentally you become awake and you become updated all the time.”


In a previous interview with TshisaLIVE, Gogo Skhotheni revealed she had done an isdliso ritual to make sure the love of both her husbands remains strong.

“I had to [give him isdliso] because he had his jealous thing. I had to cool him down so he can still understand that I still call the shots .

“Also, they have to get along, so I can’t do that without using umuti at the end of the day,” she said referring to her second husband.

“It’s not starting new love, it’s ukwandisa [strengthening] the love that is already there and you’re just adding spice. It’s like cooking meat and then you spice the meat.”

The reality TV star and real life sangoma had many gasping in awe when she unashamedly spoke candidly about spirituality in a recent sit down with The Hustler’s Corner.

Here’s some of the things she shared in conversation with DJ Sbu.

“You’re putting a stamp to make sure it’s a lifetime thing, because I don’t want to go out of it anymore.

“It’s not like you’re giving someone something they don’t know; they have that love, but you make it strong so it doesn’t leave.”

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