A farm school in the Eastern Cape has converted a bus into a classroom to be used by its only two teachers.

The school says their numerous calls to address the shortage of classrooms have gone ignored by the Eastern Cape Education Department.

Community leaders are calling on the education department to act swiftly to address the situation.

Meanwhile, authorities from the education department say they aware of the situation.

The principal of the school stated that has worked at the school for just a month, however, it is really difficult to work in this kind of environment.

One of the teachers who spoke revealed that it was actually a white farmer who started the school as he did not want children to be uneducated.

Due to the shortage of classrooms, the teachers asked for authority in order to use the old bus to teach other children.

According to the principal, the school starts from grade one up to grade six.

The Department of education in Eastern cape stated that they are aware of the situation, however, it was not clarified on what exactly they are thinking about the situation going forward or at least when will the children expect the school to be built.




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