The football supporters has questioned the referee’s decision after the goal of the Kaizer Chiefs striker Ashley Du Preez was ruled out.

The supporters on social media have questioned if the referee made the right call by ruling out the goal of Ashley Du Preez – labeling it as an offside.

The Carling Black Label Cup is currently taking place at the FNB Stadium and there has been questionable decisions that has been made by the match officials.

One of the questionable decisions is the goal that the former Stellenbosch Football Club striker Ashley Du Preez scored in the second half, however, it labeled as an offisde.

The supporters on social media were actually not pleased with the referee decisions, stating that the goal should have counted.

Another questionable decision is the chance that Zakhele Lepasa got, having an one-on-one with the Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper, Brendon Peterson, however, it was also labeled as an offisde.

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