Two Comrades Marathon Runners Died In Mysterious Incidents.

Two Comrades Marathon 2022 runners pass away: Mzamo Mthembu collapsed and died yesterday, while another runner passed away today due to unforeseeable consequences with his health.

Obviously, the marathon is demanding on the body and it requires one to practise for a very long time before they think about taking up the challenge because this is a very gruesome challenge that can have long term effects to one’s body.

We understand that the prize money is something that is quite attractive, but it is the responsibility of everyone who is involved to take responsibility to ensure that they do not find themselves engaging in such activities without the proper training and preparation as to the task ahead.

There’s actually a lot of people who joined the marathon in order to win a prize and it is encouraged, we have actually seen that there are quite some attractive prizes from prize number one to ten meaning that there is quite a lot of room for everyone to find themselves competing in order to be successful at this sport.

It is definitely something that a lot of people have been encouraging and want to promote so that we can have a situation where the members of the public are engaging in such activities and taking advantage of the opportunities that are presented before them.

There was actually one person who came out on top and that individual will surely go home with a big smile and some money in his pocket.


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