Someone just forked out a whopping R208k for a teabag that was allegedly used by Queen Elizabeth all the way back in 1998.

With Queen Elizabeth’s passing on Thursday 8 September last week, many are trying to cash in on people’s fondness of Britain’s oldest monarch – and for some of them it’s actually panning out.

In fact, shortly after her death was announced, dozens of memorabilia were going up for sale.

One of those is a teabag that was allegedly used by the Queen in 1998 that was listed on eBay and shortly sold for a cool $12 000 – R208 000.

How much are you willing to fork out for a used teabag?

While maybe any old teabag won’t go for much – or anything for that matter – one that was used by a Queen goes for quite a lot.

A teabag that was allegedly used by Queen Elizabeth in 1998, just sold for R208 000.

It was sold on eBay titled “Celebrity Memorabilia Queen Elizabeth II Regina Britannia Teabag Extremely Rare”

The listing further goes on to read:

“This is the very teabag you might have seen on CNN in late 1998.”

“It was used by Queen Elizabeth II Regina Britannia and smuggled out of Windsor Castle by the special exterminator who was called in to help Her Majesty cope with the great London roach infestations of the 1990s.”

According to 2OceansVibe, the teabag which was being sold by a person from Georgia in the US also came with a Certificate of Authenticity issued by the Institute of Excellence in Certificates of Authenticity.

While selling a used teabag for that price might seem a bit bizarre, a quick look through eBay reveals that there are many more memorabilia being sold for even more bizarre prices.

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