Sonia Booth has accused her husband and soccer legend, Matthew Booth, of having an affair since 14 February 2022. 

Sonia detailed her husband’s alleged affair in a string of Instagram posts shared on Monday.

“This was the start: 14 Feb 2022,” she wrote alongside a video in which Matthew is with two other sports commentators and mentions, “every day is Valentine’s Day in the Booth household”.

According to Sonia, Matthew picked up a woman that morning from her house.

A second post shows two bottles of cologne – a bottle of Gucci Guilty and Bvlgari Man in Black.

The caption reads: “They spent the night in Polokwane, and the following day he dropped her off at her house.”

The following post jumps to 10 July and shows three Play Trip notifications.

In the caption, Sonia alleges that Matthew bought flowers, fetched the woman from her house, and took her for lunch at Fishmonger, according to bank receipts.

On 4 August, Sonia alleges Matthew picked the woman up in her car and travelled to Empangeni, where they reportedly stayed for three nights.

The fifth post shows a rescheduled meeting that was to take place on Friday, 4 November, which was their son Nate’s birthday.

In the caption, Sonia added: “It was changed after I gave [the woman] an ultimatum that if @matthewboothza missed our son’s bday celebration, I will do exactly what I’m doing now…social media. Reneged on my ‘promise’ after meeting her husband this morning… [sic].”

Sonia then shared a statement in which she revealed the woman is also married, that she contacted the husband, met with him and received his blessing to share the evidence she had collected.

Sonia continued with her posts, sharing a story about a cheesecake Matthew baked on Thursday, 3 November.

Having baked it on Thursday night, Sonia shared that she and her family were excited, thinking it was for their son’s birthday; however, by the next morning the cake was gone.

When meeting the woman’s husband, Sonia said she asked for the Tupperware the cake was kept in back, which he gladly returned to her. She then put it on the floor in the garage where Matthew parks his car.

Sonia shared multiple pictures of the woman and Matthew looking cosy on various occasions and tagged brands with which the woman had previously collaborated.

She concluded her expose by stating that people were sending her messages of concern and sending people to her home to check on her.

News24 reached out to Sonia Booth, Matthew Booth and the woman identified in the posts for comment to confirm the authenticity of the posts and the allegations made. The article will be updated to reflect their responses once they are available.


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