Sindiswa Dlathu, known simply as Sindi Dlathu, is a South African actress. She might be counted among those who began their acting journey early, having entered a talent competition at age 12.

In the intervening years, she had acted in flicks like Escape from Angola, Muvhango, Married. Sarafina, Ngempela and Generations, among others.

Today she’s justly famous for her contributions to the movie industry in South Africa.


Born in 1974, Sindi Dlathu is currently 49 years. She celebrated her birthday in January.

On her birthday this year, fans and celebs alike felicitated with her. In particular, Simphiwe Ngema, a fellow actress, shouted her out.

According to Simphiwe, when she was 16 and just started out in the movie industry, Sindi was there for her. She said Sindi had held her hand ever since, and for this she’s forever grateful.


Okielant Nkosi is the name of Sindi Dlathu’s husband. Not much is known about the man who swept Sindi off her feet.

Apparently Sindi loves it that way. Although she’s a celebrity and details about her acting are all out there, she has managed to keep her family affairs away from the public


Sindi Dlathu might be private regarding her family affairs. But one fact she has not been able to hide – or has chosen not to hide – is that she’s a twin.

While Sindi has found fame in he world of acting, it appears her twin, also a lady, has no interest in the profession. Zanele Sangweni is a nurse and happy to be.

And like Sindi, Zanele Sangweni is married, to a businessman who sells used cars and also runs a pawnshop.


Among the things Sindi dlathu has managed to keep under wraps is her house. Where celebs would show off their cribs on social media, Sindi Dlathu has managed to keep hers away from the public eye.

At any rate, she’s said to own a nice crib with her husband Okielant Nkosi.

Net Worth & Salary

In matters pay – you might say salary – Sindi Dlathu is doing just great. In fact, she might be counted among te top of the league.

Her pay differs from flick to flick. For instance, she reportedly earned R85,000 monthly for her role as Thandaza in the SABC2’s popular flick “Muvhango.”

For one whose salary has been described as among the top of the league, Sindi Dlathu’s net worth is, expectedly, a subject of curiosity.

The numbers currently flying around are estimates at best. At any rate, she’s one of the millionaire figures in the industry and her Net Worth is estimated to be around R40 Million.


Sindi Dlathu has not one but two children. The identitie of her children are not out here. The actress has manage to keep them away from the eyes of the public, like many other aspects of her life.


The way Sindi Dlathu has managed to conceal a lot about her person and her family might one day be the subject of scholarly interrogation.

Like her family, information about her education isn’t out there.


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