A man in his 30s from Pretoria stepped forward to claim his R32 million in winnings from the PowerBall jackpot that was drawn on 31 January 2023.

The winner, who has been working as an administrator since 2008, said he purchased the winning ticket at a Checkers in Ranburg and opted for the quick pick selection.

He explained although he’s been playing lottery games for the past five years, he seldom checks his tickets, which is why it’s taken him more than a week to claim the winnings.

“Although I always play, I never check my tickets, and at the moment, I still have a lot of tickets that I haven’t checked or validated as yet.”

“There have been instances where some of my tickets eventually expired after a year. However, with this particular winning ticket, it was part of a batch that I decided to go and validate at a Sasol garage this past Sunday,” he added.

The PowerBall winner said he has no big plans to splash the cash, but he does want to settle his home loan and intends to keep working.

“I am used to having money and managing it; therefore, my lifestyle will not really change. Although I may do something special for my family, I am in no rush to start spending as I am quite comfortable already,” he said.

The man spends most weekends at home watching television and spending time with his children, according to national lottery operator Ithuba.


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