Former Jomo Cosmos striker Norman Smith reveals how muti cost him his job at the club.

In 2010 the retired centre-forward lasted just six months at Ezenkosi after refusing to take part in a muti ritual.

“At all the clubs that I’ve played for, the team that believed in muti the most was Jomo Cosmos,” Smith tells KickOff.

“You know sometimes Bra J believes in his black magic.

“I remember one time I was replaced in the first eleven and had to start a game as a sub because of this muti thing.

“I was the only one who refused, and just like that, I was taken off the starting line-up.

“They said it was because I didn’t believe in what they were doing.

“We were in the NFD, and everybody was asked to jump into that bath full of water and I refused.

“They asked everyone to jump into that bath at the same time and I told them I’m not going there.

“So somehow they found out and they replaced me in the first eleven.

“We were playing Bay United in the promotional game; we were fighting to get into the PSL.

“In the second half, they were forced to bring me on because the score was still 0-0.

“The match finished 0-0 and we went to penalties and won that game.

“After that game, I was shown the door, I was in limbo (laughs).”

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