Nomvelo Makhanya is a South African actress most famously known for her role as Lindiwe Ngema in the popular soapie ScandaI, where she spent almost a decade.

She was born in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal, but moved to Johannesburg with her parents soon after. Her interest in the dramatic arts would be kindled in that city of dreams.

Her acting adventure started on the set of’s Scandal! in 2012. In retrospect, she wouldn’t have believed she would be acting on one of South Africa’s biggest TV shows.

She wasn’t ready for the soapie and feared that she might crack. She auditioned anyway and ended up impressing viewers.

Her performance on the show would open the doors to other roles in the intervening years. But Scandal!  remains the series for which she is most remembered.

Nomvelo Makhanya is still pretty young. She was born in 1996, which makes her 26 years at the time of writing. Her birthday last year was pretty memorable for her, surrounded by family and friends.

Nomvelo Makhanya isn’t known to have a husband yet. However, she has a boyfriend whom she had flaunted online at some point. The two are reportedly in a serious relationship.

In fact, it is alleged that her exit from Scandal was influenced by her man, who isn’t comfortable watching osculatory and sexual scenes involving her and other characters.

Nomvelo Makhanya loves the good life. Still, she isn’t particularly loud about how much she earns. In fact, you will never find her discussing her net worth.

Still, the public has been doing the talking. She has a net worth of almost $500k.


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