Podcast and Chill had yet another powerful episode after Innocent Masuku told his story.

Innocent gave listeners a tale of caution as he explained how drugs impacted his life.

Innocent Masuku was open with harrowing details about how he lost everything because of his addiction to various drugs.

Podcast and Chill fans could not stop raving after hearing Innocent Masuku’s story.

Innocent sat down with Mac G on his podcast and opened up about the effects of his drug addiction.

According to ZAlebs, Innocent says he once spent over R500 000 on drugs alone. He further estimated that he lost R5 million rands in the entertainment industry due to his drug addiction.

Innocent shared grim details of the physical effects of drug addiction.

The actor said that drugs made him stay awake for days, and he would eventually pass out for three days.

The listeners took Innocent’s story as a reality check as they applauded him for his bravery.

Some podcast fans were moved by the actor’s story and wished him well in the future.

Mudau Patience commented:

“I really pray he doesn’t relapse. May he be part of the 1% that win this fight.”

Mlungisi Mdhlalose commented:

“This man needs our support… He deserves us to rally behind him.

Fabious Dube commented:

“The guy is clear on his message. Not blaming anyone but owning up to his mistakes

Sakhile Vilakati commented:

“There’s something special about this gent. I hope he gets a gig soon.

Andisiwe Sandla commented:

“This episode is so educational. It’s a preventative pill for everyone out there!”

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