Conspiracy theorists at it again? Social media users spotted a symbol of the ‘Illuminati’ at the memorial service of rapper AKA, on Friday.

AKA – real name Kiernan Forbes’s memorial service – was a star-studded and jam-packed event held at Sandton Convention Centre on Friday, 17 February.

But as we’ve seen since the South African rapper’s death last week – social media users continue to bring up wild conspiracy theories, like the involvement of the “Illuminati.”

According to Twitter users, imagery associated with the alleged secret society was shown on a big screen during the service, startling many of his music fans. 


During a stage performance showing off his vast catalogue of music, an image flashed on the screen – a picture of an eye.

The image  – seen during a clip posted by fellow female rapper Gigi Lamayne in a TikTok video – was then shared on Twitter, which garnered mixed responses. 

One tweep asked: “What was the point of this during AKA’s memorial?”

Some tweeps expressed their beliefs that the Illuminati was real and that the rapper was possibly involved.

@SammySib: “All I know is it definitely means something, and they definitely put it there intentionally and for a reason. One wouldn’t just wake up and decide to put an easy symbol up. We’re living in dark times….”

@sthandwa_w: “It’s all over his album cover, too… with the skull and bones. Just an observation!”

@thulanimofoken3: “AKA was Illuminati and they openly showed it at the memorial service”

Others rubbished the theory of something ominous.

@Twin_Segowa: “We read too much into unnecessary stuff.”

@LuckyBrie83: “It’s the ‘All Seeing Eye,’ for heavens’ sake. Not everything is a conspiracy. It’s symbolic, for God’s sake”.

It’s not the first time tweeps have mentioned the Illuminati this week. After his death, the underworld group trended on Twitter as well.


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