Royal AM CEO Sinky Mnisi has continued to insist that new Kaizer Chiefs’ signing Dillan Solomons is actually a Royal AM player and Amakhosi should’ve signed him from his club.

Speaking at a press conference called on Wednesday, an irate Mnisi touched on a number of subjects, including the Solomons’ situation.

The 23-year-old was one of three players – along with Ruzaigh Gamildien and Khetukuthula Ndlovu – that were reportedly purchased by Royal AM from Swallows at the end of last season, with money reportedly switching hands.

However, Solomons never negotiated personal terms with the KZN club, as his management confirmed this to iDiski Times in June.

While Ndlovu and Gamildien did move to Shauwn Mhkize’s club, Solomons instead signed with Chiefs, and his management insisted that Royal AM had had no communication with the player.

“There’s nothing to take serious from our side, how can [you suggest] you signed the player when we’ve represented Dillan for seven years, we never got a call from them, this must have been a thing from club to club but we never sat with Royal AM,” Grant Nieuwenhuys of GN Sports told iDiski Times in June.

“Chiefs did the right thing, followed the right protocol, I mean we got more calls from [Orlando] Pirates and never a call from Royal AM. So how can you sign a player you never spoke to? It’s not fair and we will protect Dillan because you disrupting his focus now.”

Mnisi, though, insisted that Chiefs should’ve bought Solomons from Royal AM instead of from Swallows, because the player’s rights were already transferred to Thwihli Thwahla.

“Swallows approached MamMkhize when they had financial difficulties, their players were on strike and they negotiated with MamMkhize for three players,” he said.

“The three players were Solomons, Ndlovu and Gamildien. The contractual agreement, agreed by an attorney, was between the president of Swallows and the president of Royal AM, not Sinky Mnisi.

“If you remember, I think I was on Metro – I did say the Solomons deal might be having some problem. I didn’t say anything, this requires attorneys to deal with. I didn’t say anything and people started accusing me of things.

“I’m telling you today, in terms of the contract that we are having, that people didn’t see – we bought Solomons with his contract.

Now, nobody at Royal AM, nobody at Royal AM, neither the president nor myself was refusing that Solomons can join Kaizer Chiefs, no! People are missing the point.

“What we were saying is that Swallows cannot sell Solomons to Kaizer Chiefs, he should be sold by Royal AM because he’s our player and it remains like that.

Swallows has sold the player to us and they can’t sell the player again. Which is what has happened. And people don’t understand that.

“If Chiefs want the player or if Solomons wants to join Chiefs, all fine and good, of if he wanted to join Chiefs, no problem, but he was our player, we bought him and any team that wanted Solomons would have to pay Royal AM.”

Mnisi, though, also stated after the press conference that there won’t be any repercussions for Chiefs, while Royal AM and Swallows will resolve the issue.


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