Luke Fish – the son of retired soccer star Mark Fish – has distanced himself from his famous father following a difficult childhood.

Mark Fish’s son Luke has shared his resentment towards his famous football father after a difficult childhood that saw him become addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Speaking to You Magazine, the young rapper – the son of Mark’s ex-wife Loui Fish – revealed why he chose to cut ties with his dad.

The “bad boy of South African soccer”, Mark Fish was equally known for his wild party lifestyle as his career as a Bafana Bafana player.

In recent years Luke has grappled with substance abuse, an addiction he claims he developed after being subjected to dad Mark Fish’s wild drug-fuelled parties.

But today, the 24-year-old is in a better space, having sought treatment at a Cape Town rehabilitation centre. However, he is still estranged from his father, whom he claims prioritised his “other family”.

He told You Magazine of his past: “I was in a very dark period. I started abusing my medication and I had a vendetta against a lot of people, including my father.

He added: “I don’t have a good relationship with my dad. He’s more worried about his other family, but my mom is my guardian angel.

Luke credited his mother Loui for being “supportive” of his new, clean lifestyle. He added: “She was there when I was down and out completely”.

When approached for comment Mark Fish claimed that despite their past clashes, he was “proud” of his son.

He said: “We’ll work on things, but first let him focus on himself and then we can focus on our relationship with each other”

The retired soccer star added: “I’m proud of him and glad he’s doing what he needs to do to better himself as a young man.”

“He has so much potential and in doing this he’ll hopefully realise what he wants to do and where he needs to go with his life.”

Mark Fish and ex-wife Loui’s volatile romance has been well-documented in the public eye.

The couple wed in 2000 after meeting in a nightclub, during which time Loui admitted to “doing a line of coke”.

The revelation was made in Loui’s bombshell book Walking In My Choos, which she published a year after their 2011 divorce.

In the “tell-all”, Loui alleged that Mark Fish was a “cocaine-sniffing, stripper-loving, serial cheat”, who was also “verbally abusive”.

Mark and Loui welcomed sons Luke and Zeke during their time together.

In 2015, Mark Fish had another messy marriage with his second wife Salomé Janse van Rensburg, whom he wed in Joburg club Taboo.

Despite dating for six years, the marriage lasted just 10 months reported City Press. The marriage – labelled “toxic” – was filled with allegations of infidelity and domestic abuse, claims the publication

During his marriage to Salomé, Mark fathered son Blake and daughter Isabella.


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