TS Galaxy players are fed up with money issues and poor communication around non-payments, which came to the fore after an audio of a crisis meeting between players and staff members was leaked.

The players, along with coach Sead Ramovic, in a leaked audio in possession of iDiski Times, had a heart to heart meeting to air their frustrations about their issue of non-payment that has proved to be problematic.


The salary issue was denied by coach Sead Ramovic after Galaxy beat AmaZulu 2-1 in Durban two weeks ago, saying then how can his team play like this when they are not paid.

However, Ramovic was also part of the meeting, as was team manager, Njabulo Sukazi, who is the daughter of club president Tim Sukazi who was absent. Njabulo Sukazi can be heard asking everyone if they have had staff meetings with the president about the payment issues.

“From my understanding, there was a time when we came to training to speak to some of you guys individually,” Sukazi said.

“And to explain the salary situation. Yes, he [Mr Sukazi] is not here, but because he’s trying to work this situation we are facing right now but you guys don’t know that.

“So it is important to enquire at times. It’s not that we enjoy you guys not being paid, we are trying to find the necessary support – it is getting difficult, but we are trying.

“I know it is very frustrating and I feel exactly like you guys.”

She also explained the absence of the president, insisting he is trying to secure R1 million to pay the players their dues.

“I know it’s been hard, it’s not easy to raise R1 million just like that, but they are trying [to pay you] to feed your families,” she added.

“At this very moment, the plan was to provide you guys half of your salaries as we speak but no one enquired. I would have loved to address your guys personally [rather] than gather us like this because to ask the players individually to help you guys it’s not easy. I understand your point Xola [Mlambo].”

Veteran striker Bernard Parker jumped in, sounding frustrated at the situation – something that must be new to him.

“If you can communicate and have some kind of understanding [that will be better],” said Parker.

“You guys, the management, you know [the situation] but just communicate and say how much we are going to get. At least we will have some sense of understanding.”

Another staff member in the meeting said it is not their problem to enquire about the salary situation.

“I don’t think it is our responsibility to keep on enquiring about these things, we do call,” he said.

“We do call individually, each of us, call the chairman, we even call you but sometimes you don’t answer when we try to enquire and that is our formal enquiry.


“Must I now come to your office and do this and do that? You get what I’m saying.”

It is believed that players who featured in the starting XI recently have been paid but others on the fringes as well as some stuff members haven’t – at least not fully. Payment issues have started after the club’s recent trip to Turkey before the league resumed.

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