Kwanda Manyathi is a South African Actor, Dancer and Musician. He was born 2003 in Umlazi, KwaZulu Natal.

Manyathi is well known for portraying a character as Velaphi on the Black door.

Personal life and Career

Kwanda Manyathi who is known as Velaphi from the Black Door is a South African Actor, Dancer and Musician.

His date of birth is unknown but he was born the year 2003. He is 19 years old as of 2022. The Black Door actor hails from Umlazi, Section W in KwaZulu.

Manyathi is the firstborn in his family followed by 3 sisters. His both parents were present when he grew up even until now. One of his parents, his Mom was not available all the time.

He could only see her during the weekends or holidays. Most of the time he was with his father and grandmother. By spending more time in the care of his father, he learned a lot from him.

He learned that he should take care of his family. Also, he considered his grandmother as his mom because when his mother was not there, his grandmother played the role of a mother.

Educational Background and challenges.
Kwanda attended high school at Mafumbuka High school, C section in Umlazi where he obtained his matric certificate.

After finishing his matric in 2019, he couldn’t further his studies because he didn’t have a birth certificate.

This happened because his mother didn’t have one in possession which resulted in him not having one and his siblings.

Luckily in 2020, he managed to get his birth certificate. Kwanda is looking forward to furthering his studies in the near future.

Every parent had a dream for their children, just like Kwanda’s parents had dreams for their son to pursue. They wanted him to become a lawyer but Kwanda was passionate about acting.

He grew up loving soccer but failed to continue due to the lack of support from his family.

His passion for acting began when he was in High school doing grade 10. While doing grade 10 he chose to do drama instead of science.

In 2019, he began getting involved in theater productions including Intuba US Development where he was a freelancer until 2021.

Kwanda also worked with Brightness production in 2021, the show all about music at Durban playhouse. They were playing William Shakespeare in the Zulu version.

During the time he was in theater, he worked alongside Sphesihle Mchunu, Sanele Khoza, and others.

In 2022, he was cast of the Black Door where he plays a supporting role as Velaphi. Velaphi was born as a result of rape. This turned Velaphi to get involved with bad friends.

He started to smoke and steal. To get more about the storyline watch the Black Door on every Monday to Friday at 21: 30.

Inspiration from Kwanda Manyathi
“It takes more than yourself to be the best version of yourself”, says Kwanda Manyathi who plays Velaphi on the Black door.

Net Worth

Kwanda Manyathi has not been around the actinf industry for a long time, his current net worth is estimated to be around R150 000, however, it will continue to grow as time goes by.


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