The residents of the Cape town side, Khayelitsha remains devastated after the shooting that took place in the area.

According to Daily voice, two men were killed while they were on their way to thr tuck shop.

Khayalethu Nelani, who is 31 years old was killed while he was on his way to buy entjie.

Mthokozisi Mhlakaza, who is 36 years old was killed when he was going to the tuck shop to buy candles.

They were both killed at the same time by the suspects.

Two young boys were also the victims. According to the aunt, her nephew, Athenkosi Bokolo, who is 22 years, went to the place of the incident with his friend in order to see what was happening.

However, they were also killed.

The aunt revealed that they heard gun shots after her nephew and his friend left. After some time, she heard residents stating that there are bodies on the road.


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