Economic Freedom Fighters was deeply touched after receiving the heartbreaking news that transpired last week in Mthatha Village outside KwaZulu-Natal.

However, the main aim of this protest is to push the government together with the police service that they should tighten their system and find Justice for the late beautiful girl Namhla.

Namhla was shot 9 times inside her car while she was on her way from the airport.

Namhla was in a relationship for more than 17 years with the most feared man who is also a business man in KwaZulu-Natal.

However, it was also disclosed that Namhla was in a very abusive relationship that she was even threatened to be killed if she tries to get out of it.

Namhla left every single track on her notebook regarding on how she used to be abused and the notebook is in possession of her twin sister.

Today marks the day that Eff and other political parties come together to march against gender based violence heading to the police station which is said to be undermining people’s grievances.

Julius Malema has led the protest and other political leaders to make sure that the justice of Namhla is served.

A video of Namhla getting beaten while she was naked and tied up also went viral. However, the accused of Namhla’s death said he has nothing to do with her death and what could have happened during the night she was murdered.

@Thembilise: Apparently Major hasn’t been arrested. A fake charge sheet was made and he was added on the court’s roll even though he was never in custody. All this was made to fool the people or parties that were marching yesterday at Mthatha. He’s untouchable.

@Sphithiphithi: They can believe me, I also have a case at Mthatha, I was pointed with a gun by a well known businessman from that side, just because I moerd him with his gun on his hand it was never attended to. They said I was lucky he didn’t shoot me, I asked him to shoot so they can attend.


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