Mzansi were left emotional after hearing about the death of former Rhythm City actor. Mzansi has been sending their love to the family of Bartlett during thus sad time.

Jamie Bartlett is popular known by his stage name David Genaro who played the role for many years. He is one f the best actor who is able to play many role at any angle.

His passing left everyone in shock. People are now scare about what is happening on the entertainment industry. Each day we keep on losing celebrities.

Jamie has lived his life as if there was no tomorrow together with his wife Onious who has been a pillar of his strength since they met 11 years ago. His death did not only shock his wife Onious but the rest of the world.

Many people where suprised to hear about his suddenly death. According to his wife Onious, Jamie died in his sleep on day evening at around 17:00.

His wife is the one who found him sleep as he always takes a nap when he is not working. She said that she tried to wake him as it was time to go out with his friends.

Day before his death, Jamie was seen by many people who took video and pictures of him. Many people who last saw him are in shock because he looked to happy and so healthy that no one knew he will not wake up the next morning.

His wife has revealed that Jamie dies of Cardiac arrest.

According to the source, Cardiac arrest is a suddenly death that occurs or unexpected heart failure, shortage or unable to breath that leaves a person consciousness.

A source revealed that Cardiac arrest is not the same as heart , as heart attack gives a person person chance, but Cardiac arrest it’s comes as a form of electrical that chock and cause heart to stop functioning same time.


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