SuperSport United head coach Gavin Hunt is believed to be livid at the club’s top brass for not signing Bernard Parker and allowing him to be snatched by TS Galaxy.

Parker had been training with The Spartans to keep fit and hoped to land a contract with Matsatsantsa A Pitori.

Hunt was keen to have the player and the Mgosi Squad has it on good authority that the 36-year-old Parker was willing to take a massive pay cut and did not mind as little as a year-long contract.

However, United decided against that and it rubbed Hunt up the wrong way.

“This is the same thing that happened to Kaitano Tembo.

They sold big players but did not want to buy players for him and expected him to do miracles with a kindergarten squad.

You can literally count senior players on one hand. The coach has been complaining, but the club is not listening,” said a source.

In late July, Hunt spoke about the possibility of signing Parker.

“Bernard is training with us. Obviously I am trying to do something there. I think he is a fantastic player, but that’s something we will see.

Obviously nothing has been signed yet,” the SuperSport coach told reporters at the time.


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