The love triangle between Nkosi Zwide, Mampho and Shoki continues and more chaos is caused as these two ladies are doing everything in their power to defeat each other so that one of them gets to walk away with Nkosi.

Mampho is using her pregnancy as a tool to subsequently make Nkosi to fall for her as the mother of his child and then build a mini happy family together.

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Shoki is trying by all means to keep Nkosi to remain in her love although the two are officially dating but Mampho’s tricks of wanting to win Nkosi are shaking her.

Shalate Sekhabi who plays the character of Shoki on House of Zwide shared a cosy video of a latest episode where Mampho is tugged in Nkosi’s arms on her Instagram story.

It seems like Mampho’s tricks of drawing her baby daddy closer to her in a more intimate way are working out for her.

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Nkosi was supposed to spend a night with Shoki but after Mampho mentioned that he is going to need Nkosi as she could not stay behind alone, Nkosi called Shoki to cancel their night together and explained to her that she could not let Mampho down.

The above scenes are evident that the journey is now becoming tougher and tougher as often times Nkosi will have to compromise his relationship with Shoki for Mampho.

It is clear that this time he chose Mampho over Shoki or rather he chose to make Mampho happy and disappoint Shoki.

It seems like Mampho is the one who is going to win this battle as Nkosi has started to fall for her schemes and will later catch feelings for his baby mama and fall in love with her.

The birth of their child is going to create a bond between them that no one will be able to stop. The Zwides are fully supporting their relationship and Funani Zwide, Nkosi’s father wishes that Nkosi can just marry Mampho as he has alread impregnated her.


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