Sindisiwe Manqele’s interview on Podcast And Chill left a very bitter taste on people’s tongues. She spoke about Flabba’s murder in bits and pieces but promised that she would speak in more details in her documentary.

When asked about the murder by the hosts MacG and Sol Phenduka, she hesitated to divulge any info and said she would speak about it in detail.

“I am gonna talk about it in the documentary I told you. We were drunk and tempers were high. We had gone out and we got intoxicated, And there was a bit of jealous here and there.

“From his side, You know like these drunk fights, it just escalated and things were said, we were saying horrible things to each other. It ended up just… It took a wrong turn” she said.

Flabba’s family is not at all impressed by this and so they slammed her. In an interview with City Press, his brother Tshepang told the publication that they know nothing about this documentary and they last spoke to Sindisiwe when she got released.

“We were not informed of any documentary. We found out on that podcast like everyone else. We have not been approached about any documentary and we have not been in contact with her since she was released on parole.

He then clearly stated that the earnings from this documentary should go to his children.

“I don’t want to hear anything about this documentary they are doing. But if they want to use Nkululeko’s name, they must make sure that the money goes to his children and then we will pay attention to them.

“For now, we know nothing about this documentary. I only heard about it when my mother showed me a link.

“If Sindisiwe is going to make a lot of money from my brother’s name, she must just not forget about his children”.

In an interview with Sunday World, Flabba’s mother said Sindisiwe tried to make things right between them.

“Sindi invited me to Sun City about two years ago saying she wanted to ask for forgiveness and she had invited cameras to document our conversation and this is when I said “no” to any documenting, not then and not in future until she comes clean about what really happened,” she said.

“We went on heart-to-heart without the cameras and I specifically asked her what kind of a person Nkululeko was and she said he was a loving and nurturing person, and that she was telling me that because the lawyer had told her what to say in court. That is why I insist she should tell the truth about the night she killed my son,” she said.

“If anyone was in a better position to tell the story of Nkululeko it is myself because I have known him from birth and I know his character. He was not a fighter, neither would he shout at a person.

“I just wonder what she is planning to say about my son without my consent, knowing that I rejected the documentary idea from the onset.

“Even I don’t want to do a documentary on Nkululeko because this story hurts me so much, I have been through so much, in and out of hospitals to date.

“Sindi was always obsessed with Nkululeko and my neighbours would highlight this, after hearing the news of his murder I thought of this, and this is why I say she should tell me the truth as his mother and not want to surprise me in this documentary,” she said.


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