Eskom says more generating units tripped, forcing the embattled parastatal to escalate load shedding to stage 6.

According to The South African, Less than 24 hours after abruptly escalating load shedding to stage 5, Eskom has once again ramped up the rolling blackouts to stage 6.

Eskom says generating units at its Kuseile and Kriel power stations tripped, forcing the embattled parastatal to implement stage 6 load shedding. The entity says this was effective from 04:16 on Sunday, 18 September 2022.

Following the tripping of a generating unit each at Kusile and Kriel power stations, Stage 6 load shedding was implemented effective 04:16. Eskom appeals to the public to help conserve electricity,” said spokesperson Sikonathi Mantshantsha in a brief statement.

Eskom loadshedding stage 6 implemented

Eskom is expected to shed some light on the current power situation during a media briefing on Sunday at 10:00.

There have been growing calls from several sectors and opposition parties, for Eskom to be privatised, but Deputy president David Mabuza has told Parliamentarians that no such move is on the cards.

Mabuza reckons government’s policy options and positions have not reached the point where privatisation is seen as an answer to providing better solutions to its current problems.

Mabuza added that government is hard at work trying to make Eskom a more efficient and effective energy generation and transmission public entity with the necessary capabilities to ensure the security and consistency of energy supply, in the interest of the economy and human development.

“It would be inaccurate to characterise the current organisational transformation happening within Eskom as privatisation or implied intention to facilitate it.

“That is not the case. Instead, the utility is currently in an advanced stage of the process of unbundling, which will result in the transformation of the electricity sector in order to achieve long-term energy security for our country.”

“On several occasions, we have addressed the specifics of this plan with this Parliament in our capacity as government,” he said.


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