According to the latest estimates, Andile Mpisane has been given a very generous valuation by independent experts.

Although Royal AM are first unlikely to part ways with a ‘player’ who also serves as the club chairman, and second highly unlikely to ever receive a bid for Mpisane’s services.

Mpisane has trained with the club his mother owns since 2018 but has never started a competitive match for them either under the guise of Royal AM, Real Kings or Royal Eagles.

Andile Mpisane is rated as having the market value of R438,000, which is a figure that most in the know would vehemently dispute.

However, market value is a nebulous thing outside of the negotiating table and it is likely that if Shauwn Mkhize had to put a figure on him, it would be considerably higher.

Surely it is no crime for a mother to love her son after all.

Mkhize has defended the position of her son in Royal AM’s inordinately bloated 44-man squad.

“There is one thing people don’t know about Andile, as much as he is my son, he goes to training like every player. He trains with the team and Andile is the one who brought me into soccer because of his love for football.

“I used to cheer for him when he used to play at AmaZulu,” she told Andile Ncube on Metro FM’s Sports Night Amplified.

Mpisane did get on the park during the friendly tournament, the Macufe Cup last weekend, but he caught more attention for a failed attempt to show off his skills.

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