A suspect who is 77 years old was arrested after shooting a couple who were fishing in the Mogul river as he state that he thought they were hippos.

News that reached the media are that the man from Limpopo is facing serious charges after shooting a couple that was fishing, stating that he thought they were hippos.

Lt-Col Mamphaswa Seabi, who is the spokesperson of the police revealed that the man was arrested for attempted murder.

It was further revealed that it was a 38-year old woman who was shot, while her partner managed to run away. The partner of the lady who was shot then called the police department and informed them about the situation. He also called the medical team.

It is believed that the incident took place on Tuesday around 2pm.

The lady was then taken to the hospital foe further treatment by the medical team. The suspect then told the police that he was shooting at the hippos.

Two air guns were seized during the arrest, along with two rifles, one pistol and one revolver.

Lt-Gen Thembi Hadede, who is the commissioner of the police in Limpopo asked the South African citizens to be extra careful on how they handle firearms.


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