Based on his acting abilities, one might assume Ntobeko Sishi has a certificate in acting or something similar.

He’s simply a natural talent with a long list of educational credentials for other programs.

He’s only 24, but he’s already making waves in the entertainment industry, proving his talent.

Ntobeko, who plays Thokozo on Gomora, has been killing his role to perfection. Onset he’s Melusi’s criminal son, who recently failed his matriculation and is struggling to make ends meet.

Mzansi has fallen in love with him because of his role as Thokozo, but it has also raised questions about his personal life.

Despite his choice of a career as an entertainer, Ntobeko is well-educated. He was the first student in his secondary school to pass with distinctions only, earning him the title of genius. The actor did his matric in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, and passed with straight distinctions.

Ntobeko enrolled in tertiary education after passing his matriculation with flying colors. He graduated from the University of Cape Town (UCT) with a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance. Ntobeko holds two degrees complemented with a diploma as young as he is.

Ntobeko Sishi also holds a Management and Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies diploma. He is a genius, and he excels in subjects involving mathematics.

Ntobeko’s Academic Qualifications Inspired Him To Be An entrepreneur

Despite making a living as an actor, Ntobeko has expanded his horizons to include business investments. Last year, the actor made headlines when he revealed that he was considering becoming an entrepreneur.

He has already started a business, but he has not revealed what kind of business it is. He kept it hidden from Mzansi, but his net worth has increased dramatically, indicating that his company is now profitable.


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