Naledi Aphiwe is a South African Durban born female grade 11 learner who has gained a lot of popularity in just a short space of time.

Even as a young learner, she has a very promising career and an artist as she has successfully released more than 2 hit songs and is also credited and her voice used as sample on Chris Brown’s newest song, Shooter.


Many people do not know who Naledi is not so long ago, even a few that know her do not know her biography. We have shared as much information about the female student singer as possible.

Naledi Aphiwe is a teenage South African Grade student who was born in December 15, 2006, in the city of Durban. From her date of birth is it obvious she is just 17 years old and will celebrate her next birthday by December.

After her encounter with Chris Brown, her social platforms have all taken a great leap, especially her Instagram account which was not up to 75k now has surpassed 100k followers.

It is important to add however that she is no social media manager but a young South African music star.

As a music star, she does not have a distinct name which many others do. The real and biological name of the young girl is Naledi Aphiwe, and she goes by the same name as her stage name.

Before remixing Chris Brown’s song, she had already dropped a few songs like “Uyangijabulisa” which features Nomfundo Moh, also she released “Zojiki Izinto” and it features Fezeka Dlamini.

In addition to two mentioned above, she shared the track “Ubaba ulala nami” as a single with no assist.

She has been doing fine and had not been named a mainstream singer till later last year when she remixed a Chris Brown’s song which he added to his album “11:11”.

Africans are usually known for their great talents, and this is not the first time an African is recognized for showcasing their talents.

For Naledi, is a turning point as after she shared her remixed version on her social media, the popular American singer Chris Brown noticed her vocals and was intrigued by her voice, then cut out a voice sample of her classroom remix and subsequently added it to his newly released single which he titled “Shooter”.

He did not end it there, Chris went ahead to credit her on the music which earned her $3000, in South African Rands, about R56207.

Naledi has often talked about her rise to fame and how she started her music career. She has once stated that her sister’s support helped a lot, her sister Nontokozo Mkhize is already a known figure in the South African music industry and has already dropped a song, “Lu Strong,”

She also talked about how she has been proud to make her songs in school, Naledi claimed that she was once in the classroom and was making remixes and freestyles, unknown to her, her teacher was around the corner.

The teacher whom Naledi calls Thami Bhengu then came around, and as Naledi was not sure of her reaction, the teacher encouraged her to go on and in fact sing and freestyle for the class as she has a great voice.

According to Naledi Aphiwe, Thami Bhengu is her isiZulu and life orientation teacher and Naledi is in Grade 11 at Khethokuhle Secondary School in Inanda (KZN), she has also added that she is not about to leave her education for music, but will combine the both.

Not filled with her past featured artists, Naledi also stated that she will be willing and happy to work closely with some other South African artistes like Lwah Ndunkulu, Qabe Twins, Black Diamond, Sbahle, Cici, and many others.


How old is Naledi Aphiwe? Being a Grade school student and already proficient in music, many may wonder how old the young singer is.

The date of birth of Naledi Aphiwe is December 15th, 2006, and she was born in Durban, South Africa,


As a student, Naledi Aphiwe is not worth much, though she has released a couple of songs with other upcoming artists.

No one knows if she is receiving revenue from streaming services like YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify etc, but with her recent fame, the streaming time and views on these platforms have increased greatly.

Also, she has been awarded $3000 which is the worth of her input in Chris Brown’s new song Shooter.

When you consider her intellectual worth, music released, potentials of her released songs and the money received by Chris, once can say Naledi is worth about R90 000.

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