Azana, who her real name is Makhosazana Masango, is a South African musical artist. The singer has released many “sweet and warm” songs and has gained prominence for them.

She had already started to make waves in the music industry after the release of her first album Ingoma. The album houses fourteen tracks with different sounds like house music, pop, and soul.


Azana was born in 2001 in Chesterville, Durban, South Africa. She grew up with her two siblings who are boys. She is also the last born child of her parents who named her Makhosazana, which could translate to Princess.

She was raised along with her brothers and Azana describes the experience as “much fun”. In her words, she was shy and weird while growing up.

She often lock the door to have the room for herself so that she could sing and dance. With time, she decided to go with the name Azana, which was cut from her birthname Makhosazana.

At school, her music profession drew the attention of her teachers who gave her the advice to pursue music as a profession.

Although, her mother earlier discovered that she had the talent. Compared to many of the same age, Azana is already making a name for herself. She was born in 2000 and is twenty years old.

Stage name

During her naming, her parents called her Makhosazana Masango but she cut the name to Azana. Translating her birthname to Zulu, Makhosazana means princess.

She used the last five letters of her name as her stage name and her fans prefer to address her by it. Azana translates to “queen”.


As an artist, she has worked with many talented personalities and big names the country has produced. She has worked with Sun-El Musician, a South African disc jockey, music producer, and songwriter.

Net worth

The South African singer has managed to climb the ladders in her profession at a young age.

She making a name for herself as a musical artist with her songs. She has been estimated to have a net worth of around R700k and R800k.

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