City Tshwane electrician was hijacked, held hostage, driven around the Soshanguve, and forced to switch on electricity in their areas.

The suspects hijacked the Tshwane electrician and held him hostage and at the Soshanguve Depot north of Pretoria.

The suspects drove around with him and tried to force him to energise areas in the northern parts of Soshanguve, experiencing a power outage. Fortunately, the electrician escaped.

The city strongly condemns this criminal behaviour in any part of the municipality. It said perpetrators who hijack and hold electricians hostage would know the consequences of their actions.

Tshwane has grounded all teams operating from the Soshanguve Depot to keep the plant, equipment, and personnel safe.

Tshwane officials say this harassment and robbery of officials while on duty has dire consequences because it hinders service delivery.

The city is banking on communities to protect electricians and artisans on call for infrastructure maintenance,” the city reported

Tshwane appeals to community members to cease intimidating, assaulting, and hijacking its electricians.

It also appeals to residents to stop intimidating officials and to damage the city’s assets and infrastructure components.

If some community sections continue with this behaviour, it will be difficult for officials to respond to service delivery interruptions.

Security and the Tshwane Metro Police Department will patrol Soshanguve Block KK and Block F Depot for possible attacks.

This is to keep Tshwane property safe and to prevent the assault and hijacking of electricians and officials.


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