Former Orlando Pirates forward Phumudzo Manenzhe as well as former Tottenham Hotspur defender Bongani Khumalo were left unimpressed with the audacious showboating of Bucs’ DStv Diski Challenge side.

The young Sea Robbers beat Sekhukhune United’s DDC team 3-0 over the weekend to move to the top of the reserve league log, but the major talking point of the game was the audacious showboating of Makhanya’s side when the game was 1-0.

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Bucs’ DDC coach Joseph ‘Dukuduku’ Makhanya – a former iDiski TV analyst – defended his players, saying it’s some sort of icebreaker for the team, but Khumalo insisted it doesn’t add anything to the game and will not impress any scouts.

“My two questions are: number 1, are you teaching players to make a living out of the game with that? Number 2, which coach is going to put their job on the line for that,” he said on Extra-Time.

“It’s not an assist, it’s not a goal, it doesn’t help the game in any way. The thing is you pick up bad habits, when you get to a professional level, all of a sudden you’re challenged.

“Look at Jomo Sono, we talk about a legend, a big legend. You have to score big goals under big pressure to earn the right to do things like that.

“At that level you earn the right to do things like that. As a young player you still need to learn the ABC of the game before you get to things like that.”

When asked what his advice to the young Pirates’ players would be, Khumalo was very clear with his message.

“Just stay away from it,” he added.

“As a coach you want your players to be effective. If a scout comes and watches you do that, he leaves [after] one minute. I’ve been told to watch you as a scout, you do that, I leave because I’m not going to sign you as a coach, because as a coach, if I sign you I’m putting my job on the on the line.

“You’re not going to affect my team in any positive way, so I leave. That’s the danger those young players can find themselves in.”

Meanwhile, Makhanya’s former teammate Manenzhe, also known as ‘The Bold’, insisted the DDC coach never took showboating to the level of his players.

“Their coach, Dududuku, he was a dribbling wizard, he didn’t do that,” he explained

“Joseph was ‘show me your number’, ivala, he pushes the ball, cross. If we’re leading maybe, but he was he was doing it to go past players.

“He has the skill, he combines it and then he does the cross. That’s what Dududuku was doing.

“Somebody at home might think, Joseph used to it, but he never used to do that [showboating].


“South African football is not that. South African football is ‘eh vala, show me your number’. You play a one-two, you get into space, third-man running, you cross the ball.

“Ivala, shibobo, get the ball on the other side. That is South African football, let’s not get it wrong. But that [Bucs’ showboating] is not South African football.”


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