Golden Arrows co-coach Vusumuzi Vilakazi has lashed out at the officiating after the defeat to Orlando Pirates on Saturday.

The KwaZulu-Natal outfit went down 3-1 to the Buccaneers at Orlando Pirates, with the hosts scoring two goals in second-half stoppage time.

Vilakazi was not pleased with the fact that the foul Ntsako Makhubela went unnoticed before Pirates went on to score the second goal.

“Very disappointed, this is my very first time ever since I’ve been in the coaching industry complaining about the officials,” Vilakazi told SuperSport.

“An honest mistake that was done by the referee, Makhubela was fouled which resulted in a goal and I’ve spoken to him personally after, he even accepts that.

“And it’s unfortunate because if Pirates have to redeem themselves but not in our expense. We’re here to compete, we’re here to fight and this is our job.

“So some other people must not play with our jobs. If Pirates have to win, if they deserve, they will win the game, we fought, we came back second half very strong, we scored a goal, the equaliser and we looked like a team who would score (the second). But such incidents as that one I think it’s something that is just unacceptable!”

Vilakazi went on to reveal the conversation he had with the referee, who he says admitted to making a mistake.

“I’ve spoken to him, I approached him nicely and asked him, “Sir, what happened there?” and he said, “I’m sorry”, Vilakazi explained.

“That’s what he said and in our expense and we lost the game. I don’t care about the third goal because that situation is the one that changed the whole environment but now we we look like we’re complaining and we want favours.

“We didn’t come here for favours from the referees. We came here to compete and the best team on the day must win the game fairly but it’s fine I can’t say Orlando Pirates cheated us because Pirates is not here to officiate, they are here to play but the officials must do justice to us when it’s necessary.”


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