Having a big family can be daunting, but not for a 33-year-old lady with eight kids and supposedly no baby mama drama in the mix.

@Sweet_Maur made the post on Twitter under the popular #uMjoloWithAzola hashtag that’s used by single people looking to find a special someone online.

The lady also mentioned that she was based in Pretoria and that she was looking to settle down.

Having many children while single may leave many reluctant to have a relationship because of the upkeep to maintain all the children. On the other hand, the proud hairdresser isn’t feeling any of the pressure and is more than eager to jump back into the dating pool.

What raises suspicion for peeps is that she is still expecting to have more children while settling down. Mzansi peeps had a lot of questions and jokes to crack about the tweet. Read the comments below: @NaZikode__ said: Settle down with your kids, sthandwa sami. Seku right manje.”

@NolenceMashego asked: “Haibo sisi, 8 kids already at 33? What’s your plan exactly, do you wanna open a crèch or home base?”

@Sue_Mvelase mentioned: “You need to settle with them kids sis! With that many kids how will you make time for anyone else? Maybe just settle and be more present to your children!”


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