Business is booming for an Ama 2000 who has started a chicken business and is using a unique approach to attract as many clients.

Young Chicken seller attract customers with her fashion

Chickens sold by an Ama 2000 fashionista are reportedly selling like hot cakes owing to her style of service.

This Ama 2000, who became popular after rocking a revealing ripped jeans at a shopping centre, has re-emerged, this time as a sassy businesswoman.

It’s been reported that this small-scale chicken farmer or seller, known as Queen Minaj on social media, has been attracting customers, left-right and centre after starting her business.

Young chicken seller attract customers with her fashion

Although her business seems to be booming, observers on social media were left concerned by the manner in which she poses with the chickens.

Some users even wondered who’s buying these chickens that have been shown her backside.

Still rocking her pink braids, this young lady recently got a shopping centre to a standstill after wearing her famous ripped bum-short which reveals her tattooed thighs and bum.

She grabbed the attention of patrons who eventually followed her around the shopping centre while chuckling and taking snaps and videos of her.

The carefree woman, who seemingly did not mind the drama, even posed with some strangers for photo opportunities.

Meanwhile, another ama 2000 fashion liberal took her freedom of fashion a little too far recently.

The young woman went viral on social media after snaps of her wearing an alluring lace skirt ended up online.

Clad in a white long-sleeve crop top and blue woollen bucket hat and of course the see-through lace skirt, this ama 2000 was pictured rocking different poses in an area that looks like a shopping centre parking bay.

Blurred-out men in the background of one of her snaps can be seen staring at her from a distance.

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