Babes wodumo and Dudu Khoza

The most recent picture of Babes Wodumo has been making the rounds on Twitter, and it has prompted her supporters to ask a lot of questions.

Musa Khawula, a blogger who specializes in celebrity gossip, recently uploaded several photos of Babes Wodumo to Twitter, and users’ reactions to the news have not been particularly positive.

As a result of the recent photographs of Babes Wodumo that have been going around on social media, there has been a discussion started on Twitter about her.

Tweeps are more concerned with the weight loss that Babes Wodumo is showing in these images, which were taken while Babes Wodumo was out on an interview with Dudu “Lady D” Khoza of Jabul’ Ujule on Ukhozi FM.

While Babes Wodumo was out, Dudu “Lady D” Khoza of Jabul’ Ujule appeared on Ukhozi FM.

People on Twitter have expressed their concern about Babes Wodumo’s recent weight reduction in the comments section of her posts.

A number of people on Twitter are sympathetic toward Babes Wodumo for the weight loss that she had after giving birth to her child.

Despite the fact that their child, which she had with her partner Mampintsha, is already a little over a year old.

On the other hand, she has not returned to her previous weight after losing it.

Evans Khoza said, “I’m trying to comprehend nje ngoba kuthiwa maternity what what hayiii no mpintxo uya breat feeder.” nje ngoba kuthiwa maternity what what hayiii no mpintxo uya breat

One and only one individual is to blame in this situation “ascribed it to Lutendo Netshiv.

Those individuals who enjoy taking unflattering photographs of you and posting them bore the shem out of me “authored the book “Fikz the Cook.”

She seemed to be worn out from taking care of the baby throughout the night when it wouldn’t go to sleep “wrote Buhle Zondo

Even at the launch of their reality show Uthando Lodumo, fans were concerned about her music career, which she has put on hold to take care of other projects in her life, including the baby and the reality show.

Recently, both Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha attended the launch of their reality show.

The Gumede’s really want nothing to do with Babes as they have repeatedly stated how much they despise her.

They even took it further by saying that Babes never followed proper traditional procedures when getting married.

The drama between Babes Wodumo and her mother-in-law continues to intensify even on this newest season.

“As Mampintsha’s family, we are rejecting Babes Wodumo. She is not our makoti but is Mampintsha’s girlfriend.”

“We want people to know that she is not Mampintsha’s legal wife, so we are saying this: “As Mampintsha’s family, we are rejecting Babes Wodumo.

“She is not our makoti but is Mampintsha’ “According to, Mampintsha’s sister stated the above



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