Sultry TV actress and social media influencer Tebogo Thobejane is demanding R500 000 from a fellow social media influencer Innocentia Morolong for accusing her of being a prostitute and sleeping with “the president”.

Thobejane, who played Belinda on SABC2 drama Muvhango, has filed a defamation lawsuit against Morolong in which she also demands an unconditional public apology and a retraction of the slanderous allegations.

In the papers that we have seen, Thobejane says Morolong took to social media on March 24 2022 and accused her of being “a loose woman who sells her body to make money”.

She alleged that Thobejane slept with the president, as well as 20 other men without protection.

Morolong also alleged that Thobejane loves unprotected sex with the same circle of men, and further accused her of having sex with her friends who gave her money to purchase bracelets.

The aggrieved Thobejane said that Morolong’s accusations are defamatory and were understood by many people to mean that she lacks morals.

“The defendant’s statements are malicious and violated the dignity of the plaintiff, which the plaintiff is entitled to protect since it is not true that the plaintiff is a prostitute,” read the papers.

Thobejane said her lawyers had, at her behest, wrote a letter to Morolong on March 25 demanding that she remove her defamatory posts within 24 hours and issue an unconditional apology to her.

When she refused, her lawyers wrote another letter and sent it via WhatsApp, to which Morolong responded with an “LoL”, an abbreviation for “laugh out loud”.

Thobejane added that after reading the letter, Morolong posted a video on her Instagram account and asked why she is demanding an apology.

“For what? For saying the truth? Why must I apologise to you. I will nva [never].

You can do the worst you can think of but I will nva apologise to you sesi,” wrote Morolong.

Thobejane further accused Morolong of alleging that she was planning to attack and rob one of her friends, Sethu.

In a live video, Morolong alleged that Thobejane had slept with the president but did not reveal the latter’s identity.

Thobejane said one of their friends sent Morolong a WhatsApp message and implored her to refrain from attacking Thobejane.

Instead, Morolong made more allegations that the trouper has also slept with Babalwa’s boyfriend Amarni, and claimed that Thobejane has thrown drug parties at her house in front of her family.

This was in exchange for money, alleged Morolong.

Reads a text message from Morolong: “I will never apologise to Tebogo, we will go the legal route but she must know if she is wishing me jail, she is fooling herself, because I won’t go to jail.

“She brings most of her man to f@#$k her in her house upstairs … even her family knows but they can’t do anything about it because they need to eat. Upstairs there she [also] throws drug parties.

“She was after Babalwa’s man Amarni. I’m even the one who introduced Babalwa to Amarni.

Then I introduced Tebogo to Amarni’s friend Pascal Pablo. She must stop lying because I have files on her.”

Thobejane said Morolong does not have the evidence to support her defamatory allegations which have caused serious financial harm to her business as a social media influencer.


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