Former Kaizer Chiefs and Bloemfontein Celtic midfielder has reached an agreement with AmaZulu after being linked for days.

According to The South African, the midfielder has signed a four-year-deal at Usuthu.

Dumisani Zuma found himself in hot water at Naturena during recent months.

He was placed under suspension twice by the club. Eventually, the Amakhosi opted to release him!

“Yes, we have signed with AmaZulu.” – Zuma’s agent Basia Michaels told SABCSport.

“The president was one of the very first people to give me a call once Kaizer Chiefs had released a statement in the manner in which they did.

“We had a good number of conversations and within a short space of time. It’s a four-year deal. It’s not a deal, with all due respect, that has taken into account what is being reported in the media.

“It’s a deal that gives him a good platform and base to be able to grow from there. It has performance benefits that will make sure he plays as well as we know Dumisani to be able to play,”

AmaZulu FC boss has issued a stern warning to former Kaizer Chiefs star Dumisani Zuma.

‘It’s not a holiday here’, warned the club boss ahead of Zuma’s blockbuster move to KwaZulu-Natal!

“When Kaizer Chiefs elaborates to the public about their players, you’ve got to take them seriously.” Zungu told Sports Night Amplified as quoted by DiskiTimes.

“It’s one team who have done for this profession and who I don’t think go out on a limb to hurt their individuals.

“It’s quite obvious that if Zuma were to come to AmaZulu, we’ll obviously bear in mind what your previous employer had to say about you.

“We’ll have a tough-talking to and we’ll expect some commitment from yourself.

“We’ll hold you to our code of conduct, we’ll show you the carrot but we’ll also tell you where the stick is.

“We love Dumisani Zuma, everyone knows how talented that young man is and KwaZulu-Natal is his home.

“Those who’ll form the core of AmaZulu must know that they’re not on holiday. They’ll be held accountable because what we don’t want is a social club or social enterprise.

“This is a business. It’s tough love, ‘Dumisani, we love you, young man. We know you’re extremely talented, but how disappointed we’ve been.

“The least we expect is anyone joining AmaZulu to continue on a path to self-destruction. Whether it’s Dumisani Zuma or its Gabadinho Mhango or anyone else.”


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