Some fans have expressed their concern about the singer’s drastic weight loss, while others have body shamed him and speculated about his health.

After weeks of this, the singer and songwriter Samkelo “Samthing Soweto” Mdolomba has finally addressed the concerns and comments directly, saying he is not ill but rather going through a lifestyle change.

“I just wanted to address the recent thing that’s happening about people talking about my weight and stuff. Yazi bafethu, you are not wrong; I am going through a lot,” he says.“I just wanted to thank everyone who sent a prayer, who sent a loving message in support. I really appreciate it. “

He clarified that he is however not dying, and the change is not due to the “personal stress”.

“I am not dying. I am okay. I am not ill,” he laughed.

 “I have just changed my lifestyle. There are things I no longer do, things I don’t eat and there are physical activities I do every day. Those things have made me to change. I have changed, that is why I look like this,” he says.

Samthing Soweto says he wanted to address the matter as it seemed to have gotten out of hand.

“I wanted to address that and also say, thank you. I am going through a lot. There are things that I might not talk about because they are personal. But right now it feels like the concern and love is something that most of us as artists need because sometimes we feel like you forget us. The public forgets us and when we go through a lot, we need the support, love, and affection.”

He proceeded to thank everyone who has shared a positive message with him. “[Thank you to] everyone who has contributed to talking about me and what’s happening and emails I received. I won’t be able to even respond to all of them because there are so many – the messages, the DMs, and calls make me feel so good to know that you guys care,” he says.

“I am okay. I will be fine. I am not sick, but I am going through a lot. But one thing I can assure you is what I am going through is something that most of us go through.

“Thank you for the affection and the jokes, it’s all good. I am grateful for inviting me into your conversations. I will be fine; we will all be fine. Thank you to those who defended me.”

Something added that he will be releasing new music very soon that people should look out for.

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