There was a total chaos in North-West when the citizens formed a march against their employers.

According to Daily Sun, the march was supposed to be a peaceful march, however, things got out of hand near the Sibanye-stillwater mine offices.

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The offices of Sibanye-stillwater are actually located just outside Rustenburg, North-West.

It is believed that it was a war between two groups. It all began when N4 Cluster movement wanted to handover the memorandum which had the worker’s demands.

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People who were wearing Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) regalia are the ones who attacked the N4 Cluster movement.

When the two groups were attacking each other, the South African Police Service (SAPS) were forced to use the rubber bullets in order to separate the crowd.

When the N4 Cluster movement chairman spoke to the media, he revealed that they were just voicing their opinion about the inequality at the Sibanye-stillwater mine in terms of hiring people.

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Solly Soka, the chairman of N4 Cluster movement stated that their demands are that the mine produces more job opportunities, skills development and also the business opportunities.

The N4 highway users were forced to use the alternative roads, as the road was closed the whole day due to the strike.



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