New research has revealed that your baby is mostly likely to suffer the consequences if you had stress while pregnant.

According to Times Live, the child that was given birth by a mother who had stress during the pregnancy will most suffer from brain development as the stress has been linked with decreased cognitive development.

While many had a belief that anxiety, maternal stress and also depression only has a negative effect in cognitive outcomes of the children, well there are also researches that proves that it also causes the poor ability in terms of managing emotional responses during parenting.

The research also revealed that as those children grow up, they might suffer from persistent social emotional problems and might also find it hard to have a positive relationships with other people, which includes also their mothers.

The medical team do encourage the pregnant women that they should always make sure that they are healthy all the time.

In conclusion, maternal stress, anxiety or depression is not good for a pregnant woman as there are great chances that it can cause harm to a baby.

Even if you are not pregnant, the anxiety or depression can cause some problems for you mentally and also emotionally.


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